Saturday, July 24, 2021

Baby Boy Blanket

 Hello one and all!  Today I'm sharing something other than cards!  I keep meaning to create this post and somehow never get it done.  

One of the other crafts I enjoy doing in my downtime is using Artesprix sublimation markers to create fun gifts.  When I learned that I was going to have a my first grandchild last year, I knew I needed to make him his very own blanket.  Using sublimation markers makes it simple!

Let's start with the picture of the finished blanket and then we can talk process!

How adorable is that!

I used a sweet, light blue blanket I purchase off of Amazon.  You can find it HERE and it comes in four different colors.

Next I went to the internet looking for free coloring pages I could use for my images.  I printed them out onto plain copier paper.  Then I flipped the paper over and proceeded to trace the images with Artesprix sublimation markers.  I have misplaced my notes but I'm fairly certain the three markers I used were from the Original 10 marker set you will find HERE.

Here they are after I finished coloring and before applying heat.

Please note, there is a proper "sandwich" to build prior to applying heat.  

3. Blanket (item to be sublimated)
4. Image, color side down, held in place with heat resistant tape
5. Protective heat resistant paper

Then you apply the heat!

And the final images!

This did not take a lot of time nor did I find it very difficult to make!  I plan to make more of these blankets in the future.  I know that my technique will improve each time.

Please check out the Artesprix store HERE for their full line of sublimation products and blanks.  You can get 10% off your purchase by using the code KKRAFTOLOGY10.  You should also check out their blog HERE and their Instagram HERE.  They have an awesome design team with fabulous creations to share!  

Have an amazing day!

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