Sunday, August 19, 2018

Brusho tips and a video!

As the weekend draws to a close, I wanted to share with you my latest storage adventure.  Plus my very first YouTube video!!

I love Brusho pigment powders but I was unhappy with the containers themselves.  I had simply used a push pin in the middle of the lid to make a hole.  When I wanted to sprinkle some out, I removed the pin and then put it back.  The bottles aren't very pretty and they don't seem to store really well due to the odd shape of the lid and the push pins.

I recently purchased some of the lovely Nuvo Shimmer powders and it got me thinking.  They have a super cute bottle that dispenses cleanly.  Off I went to search for something similar I could transfer the Brusho powders into...and I found it!

I found these bottles on Amazon.  You can find them HERE.  I read through a lot of reviews and decided these were the ones I wanted to try and at less than $15 for 25 of them I felt it was worth it!

Here are what all the individual pieces look like.

There is a tab on the Brusho powder that you peel off in order to pop the top off.  

The top comes off nice and easy after that.  I used the little funnel that came with the bottles and slowly tapped the powder into the funnel.  When it started to clog up, I just gave the funnel a few taps with a dry brush (or whatever is handy) and it fell right through.  It doesn't take very long at all.

It fills the bottle a little over half way.

I wrote the colors on the bottle side and bottom with a sharpie.  I may go back and add a white address label but I haven't decided yet.  I also wanted to swatch the colors as I was working my way through transferring the powders.

Sandy Allnock has a wonderful and FREE pdf on her blog.  Which you can find right HERE. It is the BW Swatch Charts PDF.  It's awesome.  You ROCK Sandy!!

So I used the dies I had on hand which aren't the same shape as the chart but I don't mind.  I sprinkled powders on my octagon which is cut from watercolor paper.  Then I gently spritzed it with water and let it dry.  I made a small pile of the powder, added water and used a brush to paint it on to a scrap piece of watercolor paper.  Once dry, I used a regular hole punch.  I found that it is the perfect size for the top of the cap and all you need to adhere it is a glue dot!

Here is a picture of the caps with their dots attached.

Here is a picture of my swatches.

And that's it!  I am pleased with my results and think they will be much easier to store and use.

Now, I did mention a video.  I posted my very first video on YouTube so take a look if you are interested.  I have much to learn about making videos but it was fun!

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